Committed To Service, Measured On Integrity

All State Express cares for its’ customers, All State Express cares for its’ employees and drivers. ASE has excelled over the years as a leading provider of Time Critical transportation solutions, whether domestic or international, optimal tracking features, we are always up for whatever challenge our customers may face. We care at ASE, we Work for the Integrity in which we are measured by our customers and drivers. Everyday our mission is to provide equipment to service our customers, we match the best truck type within ASE fleet and partners. We promise to load our trucks, create a paralleled environment together with our drivers. Powered by exceptional Technology, talented employees, professional and committed drivers, ASE will not waver when it comes to being a leader in the industry and performing at an optimal level, When Time Matters.

Women In Trucking's Member of the Month

Women In Trucking Association (WIT) announces Sherri Squier as its November Member of the Month. Having begun her career as a nurse, Sherri gained an immediate life or death understanding the urgency of the word “stat.” Moving forward a few years while managing critical care deliveries on behalf of her patients, she quickly realized the same sense of urgency wasn’t often shared by the courier companies she engaged. With a dissatisfaction for the service she was experiencing, she did what every other entrepreneurial working woman with no time to waste would do, she started her own delivery company. “When we started All State Express, the initial vision was to provide superior service to several major medical facilities within the Triad Region of North Carolina. Quickly word of mouth spread and we were soon the largest medical courier business within the region,” recalls Sherri.

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Sherri Squier
Safe drivers, quality assets, high standards, and smart technology tools ensure quality. ELD’s, Omnitracs, web track, we’ve got it!
Trust our ability.

We will never waver!
Be Adaptive and Responsive to our customers’ needs, provide solutions.
Committed to providing our people with the tools and working culture to make them successful.
If a company doesn’t provide Excellence in service, the customer will go elsewhere! ASE believes in Excellence in its’ service, people, and drivers.
It’s measured each day by our customer.
From our employees to our drivers, we must represent ourselves in the highest of standards.
Companies that are built on energetic employees, team building, and treat one another respectfully, propel and Grow Forward.
We cultivate strong principles and tools that make our people Leaders within ASE.
Industry leading, granular report features, EDI, satellite tracking, ELD compliant, and smart people.

A Woman-Owned Business

As North-America’s largest Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC), certified provider of Time Critical Transportation, ASE stands positioned for substantial growth. The WBENC certification for woman-owned businesses is widely recognized and respected by some of the world’s largest companies.

All State Express in 2005 became certified with the WBENC and is recognized as a minority woman owned business. ASE is an active member of WIT (Women in Trucking) and believes in the promotion and recognition of women working in the transportation industry. Over the years, women have been making strides within the industry from executive level positions to driving a truck. The statistics show that women drivers have better on-time delivery percentages, less accidents on highways, and 200,000 women drivers now make up 5% of the trucking industry.