All State Express Mission Statement

Our professional passion is providing safe, efficient, timely and prudent solutions for our clients’ transportation requirements and challenges.                                                 

We apply the same industry-leading technology, expertise and agility that made us an exceptional expedited carrier to other modes and methods of transportation, making ASE a trusted, critical link to our customers’ success.                                                

We Demonstrate:

  • Safety
  • Customer Orientation
  • Sense of Urgency
  • Proactive Management
  • Operational Excellence
  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Professionalism
  • Respect

In all that we do today and will do tomorrow, we are GROWING FORWARD…


All State Express believes living by a set of principle-centered core values helps define the true measure of a company.  They guide the way we treat each other and how we make sound business decisions:                                                

We are a safe company first, continually improving technology and processes to drive a safety culture.  From recent  expansion of our driver/owner-operator orientation, ensuring better coverage of safety and compliance related topics to ongoing training of our management and administrative employees of the same, we are continually looking for ways to make ASE a safe environment in which to thrive.                                                

Some other features and improvements that address safety issues include:  hands-free communication to drivers of instructions and directions over the audio system of their power unit via Qualcomm Omnivision, a nationwide network of crossdock facilities at which we can safely and reliably transfer freight from one unit to another in a damage-free and efficient manner, and regular monitoring of driver duty logs through EOBR (Electronic On Board Recording) to facilitate real time on/off duty status, integrated with our TMS technology.                    

In a safety culture where we strive to become continually safer, we want our fleet to operate safe for their families and others, realizing that safety has ultimate, long-reaching effects on our clients.                    


ASE's growth success stems from our ability to not only retain our valued clients, but to also support a focus on those clients that leads to "organic" business growth with their enterprises.  If we can lead initially on a basis of transactional success,and later contribute to our clients' strategic development and initiatives, the full weight of partnership can be realized.

Our Developmental Action Plans (DAP's) for employees are targeted to ensure that we are driving towards delighting our customers from first call to the most recent, so that we may achieve high-ranking that leads to strategic partnership.

Disciplined people, thought, and action leads to achievement and an All State Express enterprise that is built to GROW FORWARD via customer intimacy.

Our constantly-innovated technology and employee developmental training allows us to be a leader in proactive monitoring of transactions so that we can be the best resource available to make sure time critical or expedited transportation happens precisely as our customers expect.  

The tools and resources that have been integrated into our business process over our years of growth are fully leveraged when unexpected exceptions inevitably occur over the highways and skyways of North America.

All State Express is fully-prepared to handle the most critical of transportation requirements and ensures that all of its resources are fully engaged to be proactive and successfully reactive When Time Matters.


While we are fully-prepared and demonstrate proactive management of all transactions, we are proactive in managing improvements and change throughout our weekly Operational Excellence meetings, KAIZEN Change Control Board (CCB) program, and one-on-one Developmental Action Plan meetings.                        

ASE Customer Intimacy + ASE Quality Management System (QMS) + ASE DAP's + KAIZEN = Operational Excellence

The disciplined programs outlined in the formula above ensure that we continue to improve the manner in which we optimize and leverage the People, Processes and Technology at ASE to drive towards excellence in all that we do and will do tomorrow…

Demonstrated honesty and integrity of each ASE employee are timeless priciple foundations that lead to the customer perception of trust and reliability we strive for daily.  These very foundations are the makers or breakers of success, and are expected both internally with our employees and externally in our business relationships.

When you are making personal or professional sourcing decisions, you want to make sure you are putting your money and livelihood in the hands of professionals or experts.                          

Our Business Process fosters an integrated collection of People, Processes, Quality and Technology that demonstrates expertise and professionalism - with 100% satisfaction being the goal.                         

If you are ever disappointed in our level of performance or professional communication, please utilize our Open Door Policy with your respective ASE Business Development or ASE Executive Management professional to ensure that your specific concerns are properly addressed through our QMS and DAP programs.                        

We encourage open lines of communication on a professional level to address problems as opportunities for ASE to become a better organization, GROWING FORWARD for all stakeholders.

ASE conducts its business such that all positive contributions are acknowledged and rewarded, and negative events are treated as opportunities to improve both individuals and the organization.  

We respect the rights, dignities and contributions of all stakeholders in our enterprise - all angles are equal in our pyramid.