All State Express Quality Management

The heart of the ASE Business Process is comprised of three critical methodologies which interrelate to drive our business growth, aptly-titled GROWING FORWARD.  Following is an overview of these methodologies:

Root Cause Analysis and Corrective Action

In the wake of incidents that are classified as failures or near-misses, we employ a documented problem solving method that identifies a root cause of the undesired symptom or result.

This process-oriented approach identifies a deficit requiring change in our training programs, a needed change in our work instructions, or a need for technology change or upgrade that can lead to eradication of recurrence - ultimately in the form of an irrevocable corrective action.

PDCA Cycle

We proactively deploy an iterative four-step problem-solving process in driving waste-elimination and ASE business process improvement.  Sometimes, the Corrective Actions we develop in our reactive RCA process lead to solutions that can be applied to other departments or applications in the company.  At other times, we take front-line ideas and communication from all areas of the company to drive proactive improvements using the PDCA Methodology.

Plan - Establish the objectives and necessary processes to deliver desired results
Do - Disciplined implementation of the new processes - sometimes starting on a small scale basis
Check - Measure new or changed processes against desired results and address any differences
Act - Analyze differences in the Check phase to ascertain where changes are needed to drive improvement

By fully following this cycle with discipline, we can improve upon short-term solutions to include a better, long-term process development.

KAIZEN Change Control Board Process

To ensure that ASE is experiencing change throughout each department in the organization, we conduct regular interdepartmental CCB meetings to address continuous improvement initiatives in the company.  The multi-level involvement in this board meeting process facilitates employee and affiliate involvement and makes sure we are measuring and constantly innovating in each department to drive towards an organization that is GROWING FORWARD.

The amalgamation of these methodologies promotes keen awareness throughout ASE that we must pursue this disciplined approach to constant change and innovation, or else we will be operating according to the "Definition of Insanity".  The product of constant innovation makes certain that we are becoming One Team, Better and Faster than anyone else in the business.