All State Express Technology

At All State Express, we are not just driven by the excellent customers we serve or by the team of professionals we have deployed to manage and execute your time critical transportation requirements.  We have a driving emphasis and advantage of incrementally innovating our technology to drive the desired visibility and efficiencies that are critical to success in today's business environment.

Internally, we refer to technology as a lever on top of a solid base of innovative human capital that drives improvement upward - a lever that should continually be lengthened and strengthened to support our growth initiatives.

The development that comprises our technology is the impressive product of extensive industry experience and lessons learned in the arena of supply chain management.  Clients who realize the immense value of supply chain visibility and system integration efficiencies are best positioned to reap the true value of employing a technology-oriented partner such as ASE.

We look forward to demonstrating how ASE technology separates us from the competition and allows you to focus on your other critical supply chain improvement programs.

ASE TMS Execution

From integration of Qualcomm Ominvision satellite tracking with our TMS platform, to interfacing the tracking technology of our external modes of partners, we have long understood and executed real-time visibility solutions for our time critical transactions.  We deliver real time information that allows you comfort and peace of mind that you have your time critical materials delivered on-time and in control by ASE.

In real-time, we deliver granular information to you according to your preference - including verbal, email, web portal, and system interfaced communication.  The information archived in ASE's TMS is available in the form of robust and customized reporting that is deliverable either on-demand or on a scheduled basis.  YOU drive the formatting and scheduling of information - we take care of execution and reliable delivery of materials and information.

We are the experts in delivering supply chain visibility to any enterprise through
ASE Synchronous Flow.

ASE Optimization

We deploy technology that dynamically optimizes your demand from mode (in its simplest form) - to sourcing - to ERP demand optimization that can properly flex with both foreseen and unexpected changes.  Our optimization capabilities are all valuable components of delivering an efficient, transparent supply chain solution which we call ASE Synchronous Flow.

Web Portal Access

Maybe you are not at your office and want to see your time critical shipment flow information.  Or perhaps you do not have an ERP or TMS to integrate with ASE's TMS.  You want to monitor your shipments from home or on the road and it doesn't make sense to call for a verbal update every hour or request one from our 24/7/365 Coordination Center.

With our web portal technology, you can log directly into our system using this website to see the progress of single or multiple transactions. In addition to this valuable web feature, you can also obtain quote information, send orders, or pull document imaging using our portal feature.

Please let us know the functionality you require of our web portal feature, and we'll be happy to assist you immediately with your request.

ASE ERP/TMS Integration

Whether you operate your supply chain enterprise with an ERP or TMS system, ASE welcomes and encourages system integration that seamlessly feeds all required information directly to your "window to the world".  We encourage customers of scale to integrate with ASE as a lead transportation manager or provider, for it promotes efficiencies or administrative LEAN within both enterprises - allowing you to seamlessly and reliably be fed with the needed information to maintain efficient command and control of your supply chain events.