Why Partner with All State Express?

Mutually-beneficial Partnership is our vision and mission with respect to our Customer, Driver, Owner-Operator, Fleet Owner Investor, and Management & Administrative affiliations.  It is clear to us that we must maintain and continually improve the opportunities, processes, and environment in our NAFTA-wide enterprise.

It is everyone's duty to positively contribute to the best work environment possible in order to continually grow and innovate our company.  From Orientation and ongoing training initiatives - to day-to-day communication and Open Door Policy - to regular, disciplined management, investor and Change Control Board (CCB) meetings, we have all the ingredients, to include know-how and tools to deliver disciplined thought and action that will delight our customers and partners.                                                

We continually strive to be a robust logistics management company that has an outstanding asset and partner base - to be the one that our customers rely upon to take care of their most critical and challenging logistics needs.  We are proud of what we have built, and we look forward to continually improve and innovate the future of All State Express.

At ASE, we understand the full weight and value of long-term Partnerships, as we are GROWING FORWARD



Following is a list of benefits to our Fleet Owners and Owner-Operators:

  • More Runs with MILES - Constant Individual Visibility
  • Outstanding Linehaul and FSC Programs
  • Average Load > 500 mi.
  • Base Plate Program
  • Fuel Card with Discount Program
  • Tire & Repair Discount Program
  • 24/7/365 Support Center
  • Weekly Settlements with Direct Deposit
  • Fleet Management Technology - FleetVision
  • No Penalties for Turndown/Out of Service
  • First In, First Out Load Offer
  • IFTA/Fuel Tax Reporting & Payment
  • Open Door Policy
  • Trip Pak
  • PC Miler Practical-based Mileage
  • Satellite Communications w/ Hands-free Messaging Capability
  • 99%+ No-Touch Freight
  • Non-forced Dispatch
  • No Upfront Cost
  • Referral Bonus
  • Breakdown Assistance
  • Rider Policy
  • Deadhead/Empty Pay
  • PAT - Position Assistance Tool
  • Consistent Dedicated Freight
  • LSP - Lease Success Program 

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