Synchronous Flow Logistics

“...imagine the glass pipeline, from raw material supplies to finished goods, in which inventories and product flow are visible at any time and any place in the value chain. Parts and products can be stopped, slowed, redirected, or speeded en route, depending on actual market conditions and consumer preferences. Inventory levels are known with great accuracy and can be managed at any point in the supply chain. The speed of movement is optimized for parts and products – nothing goes too quickly or too slowly; rather, everything moves in response to actual consumption.”*

*Advanced Supply Chain Management:  How to Build a Sustained Competitive Advantage, Charles C. Poirier, c. 1999, Berrett-Koehler Publishers, Inc., ISBN 1-57675-052-3, pg. 196.

ASE's Synchronous Flow Logistics possesses intellectual capital and demonstrated experience to close existing gaps in your inbound supply chain and outbound distribution networks.  Our technology partnerships, process design capabilities and agility can be leveraged and put into action through consulting or dedicated contract logistics agreements to deliver implementation and execution - driving implementation, execution and supply chain excellence for your enterprise.

ASE Logistics can be a strategic fit for your organization if your strategic initiatives include the following:    

  • Increasing supply chain visibility at the shipment level
  • Introducing supply chain visibility at the part level
  • Driving improvement in on-time performance across modes
  • Supplier compliance
  • Migration from push- to pull- oriented supply chain
  • Supply Chain Information Consolidation and Integration

With an impressive 24/7/365 Coordination Center continuously monitoring your supply chain utilizing our robust technology, we can deliver these improvements with the benefit of shared channel processes, pricing, execution and reporting.