The following realities in the High Tech sector drive the need for high tech companies to call on ASE for their Time Critical and High-Value transportation needs:

  • Constant Innovation
  • JIT Inventory
  • Import Delays and Exceptions
  • Part and Assembly Quality Exceptions
  • High Value Transportation

ASE has the technology, processes and people necessary to provide transportation operational excellence in this exciting vertical.  It also has higher cargo value insurance limits than most other providers, allowing us to provide cargo coverage up to $500K with our standard policy, without going through a time-consuming ordeal in procuring excess coverage.  We are able to procure coverage above $500K, given we are provided proper details in an adequate timeframe prior to movement.                                                

Our time critical services to the High Tech sector ensures the following:

  • Constant surveillance and visibility of critical supply in-transit
  • Adequate insurance coverage for freight that can be of high-value
  • Successful delivery to your customers - precisely when they need it
  • Bonded-carrier status
  • Coast-to -coast coverage, 24/7/365 by ground and air