All State Express understands the critical transportation needs of general manufacturing.  When raw material supplies are tight, molds need to be re-tooled, machines require repair or refurbishment, and customers are demanding JIT delivery or quick response, manufacturers call on ASE to make sure they are not going to fail their customers in an increasingly competitive market. 

We let you focus on your core competencies of engineering and manufacturing while All State Express guarantees your products will be produced and as delivered safely and efficiently as possible.

Our time critical services to the FMCG and Retail sector ensures the following:                                                

  • Constant surveillance and visibility of critical supply in-transit
  • Adequate insurance coverage for freight that can be of high-value
  • Successful delivery to your customers - precisely when they need it
  • HazMat Authority and bonded-carrier status
  • Coast-to -coast coverage, 24/7/365 by ground and air